(New Album Review) The Dead C- Armed Courage

Part of the reason why I was so curious over The Dead C’s new album Armed Courage is its cover. It’s one of the best covers of the year! Young Czech revolutionaries marching towards mayhem with black miasma curling around the scene. And it’s an accurate representation of what you get when you put this on.

If you like your rock and roll extra fucked-up, then you’ll love this unrelentingly harsh new work. But I suppose you could say that about just about anything by these guys. What more can I say for The Dead C? They’re The Dead C: The New Zealand band that makes droning symphonies of snarling garage rock.

Armed Courage sees The Dead playing up their already heightened avant-garde tendencies by putting out an album that consists of two extended pieces: the swirling, vicious “Armed” on side A and the urgently pulsing “Courage” on side B. Of the two pieces, “Courage” is the more dynamic. Whereas “Armed” seems like a cathartic release of aggression that repeats similarly ragged, scratching guitar figures over and over, “Courage” goes from ominous to explosive, then to deranged (so damn gloriously it’s not even funny) before dying down uneasily in the last five minutes into a shuddering quiet.

So far, I’ve only listened to 3 other albums by The Dead C in their entirety, but this new work seems to me to be a very satisfyingly riff off of their artier tendencies. It’s a fine album and I think I’ll listen to this many times to come.

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