(Compilation Review) Exotic ésotérique Vol.I [ArTeteTrA]

Exotic ésotérique Vol.I is a compilation by Italian experimental music label ArTeteTrA. I feel very honored to have been forwarded a copy of this excellent collection of ambient, psychedelic, and noise music.

There are many high points to this collection for me– the selections leap from occult goofiness that feels very true to the spirit of Rock In Opposition to ethereal atmospheres, making for an eclecticism that falls into order according to a logic of its own, as we all know experimental music ideally should. Most impressive to me (just as a first-time listener) were the selections from Above the Tree (Marco Bernacchia), Nicola Tirabasso, and Babau (a duo who have kept their real names secret). Above the Tree creates electroacoustic music, and one recognizes on his track “Rituale N 12” the slow intensity that builds in his musical spaces. Nicola Tirabasso creates occult-sounding space-electronica in the vein of the Berlin school. But Babau were one of the groups on this compilation that really intrigued me. Their music is ghoulish dark ambient that is apparently influenced by their interest in post-rock and it’s one of their track “Faus” is one of the oddest I’ve heard all year. Here is their website, and I hope that you too will be diving into their work soon.

This compilation touches many bases in its hour-long runtime– there’s deathrock, ambient, electroacoustic paranoia, psychedelic noise…it all adds up to a rather worthy cabinet of curios. You can find the full tracklist for the compilation on ArTeteTrA’s tumblr and soundcloud account.


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