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(New Album Review) Masaya Ozaki- Fluid and Dreaming of Stripes

Another fine release from Eilean Records. Fluid and Dreaming of Stripes, New York based composer Masaya Ozaki’s first full length album, is further proof that Eilean’s output puts them at the forefront of labels with a meaningful aesthetic that will endure passing fads and pretensions.

Ozaki, born in Niigata, Japan and active in music from an early age, is a film composer who also makes lovely electroacoustic music. The pieces in Fluid and Dreaming of Stripes come to us from the other side of a liquid mirror. Ozaki’s production, similar in style to that of Brian Grainger’s A Warm Wooden Hollow, suspends his spare melodies underwater with the vagueness of a distant memory. The tones of a piano, plaintive without being saccharine, imbue the thick fog of treated sounds with dignified emotionalism.

Ozaki is obviously a composer who has studied the best offerings of sound art and art music with discretion and curiosity. The impassive melancholy of isolation ambient is not often so resonant.

(New Album Review) Kooba Tercu- Kooba Tercu

Completely looney instrumental stoner rock from Greece. At times, Johnny Tercu and company sound a little like Goat, what with all the deranged psychedelic jungle-boogieing that bookends the scorching guitar lines. Kooba Tercu take inspiration from hard rock, math rock, and psychedelic music in equal measure, with a strong penchant for fuzz and absurd dissonance. Check these guys out if you’re into noise and psychedelia, this is crazy as hell!


(2014 Album Review) Yadayn- Vloed

Here is a lovely and worthy collection of neoclassical pieces for guitars: Belgian guitarist Yadayn’s debut recording Vloed.

This album is made up of gentle fingerpicking pieces for acoustic guitars, though there is some satisfying use of noise and hand percussion on a few tracks. Like most modern classical musicians, Yadayn’s style is minimal and repetitive. One feature of his music that is interesting is that often when a piece is making a transition, he conveys this with a pause. These pieces are just very fluid and well-paced, and Yadayn’s technique is fine indeed! I particularly liked the conclusion, “Sluimer”. Head on over to Yadayn’s bandcamp to buy a copy of the limited edition CD release of the album after you’ve listened.

(New Album Review) Spin Day- Spin Day and the Emotional Godfather

I enjoyed this next submission: Spin Day and the Emotional Godfather, the promising debut of the German musician who goes by the moniker of Spin Day. This release will interest fans of World’s End Girlfriend and Haruka Nakamura– it has that distinctive flavor of theirs that is hard to pin down. These short pieces (which could just as easily be called “ambient” as “post-rock”) sound nervous, breezy, and somber all at once. It sounds like Spin Day made this record with a digital piano, guitar, and softsynths. Not bad.

Though some aspects of the production for this album are a little awkward and could use some smoothing-over, I think that the level of composition skill displayed here is solid. I’m looking forward to Spin Day’s future output.