(New Album Review) Heezen- Abandoned Memory

Abandoned Memory is the fourth album of Heezen, the Spanish sound artist Raül Fuentes, who has been active in sound art since 2003. It was released to Fuentes’s own Feutlab and mastered by Ian Hawgood. Fuentes recorded Abandoned Memory between 2009 and 2013, utilizing found objects and found samples along with guitars, synths, and field recordings.

It’s hard not to be charmed by Fuente’s impressionistic, airy sound collages which, despite his description of himself as a “non-musician”, display his sure ear for creating and sustaining mood and “imagery” with sound. Heezen is situated at the intriguing halfway point between Music for Films and the playful chatter of The Lemon of Pink. On Abandoned Memory, the warm, rhythmic hums and trills of looped sampled strings and faint sampled voices set up the mysterious, cinematic frameworks for his pieces that mesh with waves of digitally compressed and physically degraded noise. This is lovely and evocative hypnagogic mood music– here, the murmurs of the everyday have been spooled to create unique, spacey “electronica” that will pull you into a dream…


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