(New Album Review) ieva- Lueurs

On his new release from the consistently great Eilean Records, Lueurs, ieva (Kyoto-dwelling French sound artist and founder/curator of Pollen Recordings Samuel André) shows how he has progressed by leaps and bounds from the absorbing, but scattered textures of his beginnings as a recording artist to deliver a dizzyingly epic vision. The last we heard from him in the way of a musical release was the gentle  A New Morning, a collaboration with Hakobune. On that album one could see the beginning of what has culminated in Lueurs, a dream-travelogue worthy of the finest moments from Hakobune, Celer, and Chubby Wolf. Perhaps the collaborations ieva has made with Hakobune and Nobuto Suda over the past few years gave him the confidence to attempt at this warm, grand style of ambient music.

ieva’s style on Lueurs makes heavy use of field recordings of nature– the murmur of slow-moving water through a forest scene is the steadily ebbing undercurrent of ieva’s new perspective on crafting sound art. The textures of this album are varied, though. On “Forêt Vierge” and “Eclipse”, cloudy, grainy drones set the backdrop for the melancholy fornent tones– this is deep listening material. Elsewhere, on “Vers Le Soleil”, ieva unveils an emotionally overwhelming synth wash reminiscent of Chronovalve. ieva is as adventurous in evoking a varied palette of moods as he is experimenting on the textural level– a particularly memorable detail is the suffused hiss of a match being struck towards the end of “Poussière”, in the midst of a Buddhist ceremony. An ambient album of admirable scope, and certainly one of the best of the year. Highly recommended.


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