(New Album Review) Bird People & Waterflower [Split EP]

The fine English label Liminal Noise Tapes  will be putting out their much-anticipated tenth release, a split between Bird People (free-improvisation musician Ulrich Rois) and Waterflower (Latvian experimental musician and vocalist Sabine Moore)  late this June. This split comes highly recommended as it showcases two widely different approaches to sonic experimentation that, in my mind, both have equal potential to be successful and provocative, as is the case here.

Ulrich Rois’s Bird People is a loose collective that almost exclusively utilizes acoustic instrumentation to create psychedelic ritual drones. For this new split Rois and collaborators Lucas Henao Serna, Roy Culbertson III, and Re Sukre worked in a live, improvised atmosphere to create the two captivating pieces present on Side A– there were no overdubs on the final mix and they barely used any effects! The result has the same sense of ritualistic mystery and tension as Organum’s Ikon or any one of Jim O’Rourke’s free-improvisation-themed releases. Fans of dark ambient sounds and free-improvisation electro-acoustic music will find much to admire here. A release like this really stands to remind us that one does not need a lot of gear-wizardry to create truly mind-manifesting sounds.


Sabine Moore is a multidisciplinary artist based in Riga, Latvia who makes a ghostly music all her own by compiling sounds from sources as disparate as from battery-powered toys to glass beads to piano melodies. Waterflower reminds one of Julianna Barwick freefalling in the midst of a hazy sidereal nightmare– Moore’s lovely, haunting voice is like an apparition trapped in the prisms of slowly decaying reverberating noise. She has certainly found a unique medium with which to transmit her interest in the folk-song tradition of Latvia.


Highly original and highly recommended. Congratulations are due to Liminal Noise for their tenth release!


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