(New Album Review) How to Cure Our Soul- Saigon

The Italian duo How to Cure Our Soul (Marco Marzuoli and Alessandro Sergente) dive deep into the monochrome sanctuary of pure drone on Saigon, released May 20 on David Newman’s Audiobulb label. This beguiling release of extremely minimal ambient music comes highly recommended to fans of Eleh, Janek Schaefer, and, of course, influential composers like Eliane Radigue and Arvo Pärt. Saigon is divided into two long-form pieces: “Aurea” and “Opium”.

Though Marzuoli and Sergente use digital instruments in tandem with analog instruments, one can see that they favor the almost meditative approach taken by Radigue– monolithic drones as a spiritual space. It is true that this style lends itself naturally to analog synths, but that is not necessarily the gear with which they’re working– working with both digital and analog means, they have created rich textures that invite the listener to engage with all levels of the two soundscapes.  In these grey-blue vistas, the juxtapositions in tone become apparent only when one takes the plunge into the induced trance. The numbing, but not solemn, ebb of “Opium” is particularly absorbing, a noise-soaked lullaby broadcast from within the subconscious. Immerse yourself.


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