(2014 Album Review) Massimo Discepoli- Parallax

Massimo Discepoli took a fresh approach to ambient music that concentrates on microtonality with Parallax, released to widespread acclaim last September on Assisi, Italy’s Depth of Field. On this album, delicate synth drones and slowly changing chords make the bed on which the lead voice, that of the drumkit, will at first excitedly whisper and shout, as if nervously exploring its environment, only to suddenly seem to fall in line with the trance in the background in one beatific swell.

Discepoli’s past project Nheap was much more angular and orderly than this– Parallax is a huge departure in style for him. More than that though, it is a very compelling ambient jazz album for the way that it brings jazz deep into the spiritual recesses of microtonality and drone in an unexpectedly harmonious union. I do not think that one could compare this accurately with most other music that mixes tendencies from jazz with ambient experiments– the album seems to be completely singular.  Discepoli’s experiments pay off– Parallax is highly recommended.

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