(New Album Review) Ragamatic- Auditus

Ragamatic, a project in which North Indian classical music has been wed to electronic production, is helmed by Weilheim in Oberbayern artist and musician Reiner Heidorn. Previously, Heidorn’s sitar had been joined by friend Saraswati Veena’s production work– however, as of late, Heidorn has been flying solo.

Though Auditus may occasionally remind some of the wobbly downtempo atmospherics of worldbeat-style ethno-fusion musical entities like Transglobal Underground, Heidorn’s approach is to focus on showcasing the tones of his instrument and to do that, he parses down the surrounding production; consequently, the album’s pulse is more meditative than most ethno-electronica. One could say that Auditus is truly experimental ethno-fusion, because Heidorn has made a brave shot at fusing a minimal aesthetic of electronic production with traditional music. Heidorn’s technique is lovely and accomplished and there are many production successes to be found here: the slinky atmospherics of tracks like “Tempestus” and “Flumineous” are bound to embed themselves in your memory. Auditus is a highly promising debut and strongly recommended to all fans of ethnomusicology.


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