(New Album Review) Xu- Panpsychism

Panpsychism, by Nicola Farnasari’s Xu, off Perth’s Twice Removed Records, is a series of improvisations that, culled together, form a night-vision topography of the darker corners of the unconscious. The Cremona-based musician and sound artist, an alumni of Entropia, La Petite Vague, and Twyxu, uses the Xu project to explore haunted drone soundscapes mostly with effects-drowned guitar. On Pansychism, any trace of the pastoral sensitivity of Butterfly Meets Mountain has all but vanished– this one is a tenebrous forest on a winter’s night. A sense of contemplation is imbued with tension by the steady pulse of the sine wave generator, always threatening to fracture the scene. This one is a deliciously atmospheric new outgrowth from the constantly-expanding lineage of the dark psychedelic sounds of Coil and their brethren…not be missed.


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