(New Album Review) Wander- Kat Gat Sea

Wander is a free-folk project of Vincenzo de Luce (Drowning in Wood, Zero Centigrade) and Matteo Tranchesi, and like nearly all of my friend Vincenzo’s output, it finds a sense of the epic through a savage mixture of American fingerstyle guitar (they share duties on acoustic guitar, though Tranchesi handles electric in parts) improvisations and heavily-processed sounds of obscure origin. What really impresses on their second album, Kat Gat Sea, for Warsaw’s Wounded Knife, is the almost dark-ambient imagist sensibility of pieces like “The Steps of Your Way Back” and “Into the Flood”, as well as the respect for silence shown on more “conventional” pieces primarily for acoustic guitar like “Red Barn”. Wander’s ferocious sense of melody and dissection of an American idiom show a level of imagination seen in musicians who make a point to have the open-mindedness of great appreciators of music of all stripes. File this between Natural Snow Buildings and Bill Orcutt if you wish, but it’s really something entirely onto itself, to be honest.


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