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(New Album Review) Marco Marzuoli- Appunti

The ashen beauty of Appunti, the debut solo recording of Marco Marzuoli (one-half of How to Cure Our Soul and curator of Città Sant’Angelo’s lux), off ÉTER in CD form,  may sneak up on you in the same way that William Basinski’s Cascade did for me. You’ll be giving it a re-listen at any odd hour past 11:30 PM, and suddenly the quiet breathing of the ostinato melody just floors you, absorbs you, pulls you into its recesses. Marzuoli’s most recent album is in fact the awesome Senza Titolo, from Yann Novak’s always fantastic Dragon’s Eye Recordings, but I absolutely have to backtrack for this one, which came out mid-August.

Appunti is a piece for bass guitar, a loop that was treated through analog and digital means to enfold the melody in a hushed and obscured soundscape. The infinite repetition slowly emerges from the gloom, enveloping the space bit by bit. You become lost in it, and it becomes life itself, the world itself, your body begging for sleep, your head interrogating secrets, its tiny changes the inarticulate mystery of everything.

One of my favorites of the year. Essential listening for sure for any and all devoted to or merely intrigued by drone, ambient music, and other modern composition type-explorations.


(Quick Take) Nevada Greene & Scott Tuma- Ragged Hollow [Split EP]

On their 12″ split for Hitt Records Ragged Hollow, Columbia, Missouri’s Nevada Greene and Chicago’s Scott Tuma continue to soldier American Primitivism down uncertain roads, crossing paths with modern composition and post-rock soundscaping along the way. The Columbia band’s half, “Earthquake Hollow”, is a leisurely walk in the woods with fingerstyle guitar and fiddle, ending in a serene clearing, the final goodbye chimes in the wind and gentle synth pads. The contribution from Scott Tuma (something of a Chicago legend of independent music by now– check his collaboration with Mike Weis of Zelienople), “All the Ragged Glory”, is heavy, headily-resonating stuff, a nighttime panorama of rusted bridges and abandoned machines. A postcard from an America becoming more and more distant every day– a must-listen for anyone down with the real folk-blues’ legacy.

Conjoining Currents: American Primitivism, Drone, Post-Rock, Lake Mary, Marisa Anderson

Label: Hitt Records

(Quick Take) Lorenzo Balloni- 創生の最果て

Another beauty that deserves to not slip beneath your radar: Teramo, Italy-based sound artist and musician Lorenzo Balloni’s debut solo recording 創生の最果て [The Farthest Ends of Creation], off Yokohama’s murmur records, who have previously released material from Celer, Francisco López, and Yann Novak, among many other fine folks. What lies herein is a quiet acousmatic journey where the peaks are lost woodland cries, distant rumbles, seeping drones, pattering rain…it is lulling in its sensitivity and slow flow, but an ancient drama emboldens it. Those peaks give a cosmic backdrop to transitory scenes of kids at play, people taking their time, sparrows politely making their presences known. The collage makes a panorama of the impermanence of things– soft colors, clear lines, everything given room to breathe.  Born in 94, Balloni is a relatively young guy, but already he has shown himself to be an incredible sound artist. I mean, man. Like Luigi Turra, Fabio Perletta and Haruo Okada, and Novak, he crafts deep-listening spaces of an intimacy and intuitive comfiness– there is a lot to take in, but it is easy to immerse yourself. A jaw-dropping solo compositional debut.

Conjoining Currents: Sound art, Field Recording, EAI, Drone, Luigi Turra, Yann Novak

Label: murmur records

(Quick Take) Arsari- Scavare

Arsari is 21 year old Iesi, Italy-based producer of electronic music Riccardo Saraceni, and Scavare is his totally promising debut album, a resplendent meshing of noisy pop-ambient and glitchy, pulverized beats. He may at the moment be an absolute beginner, but it’s impossible not to get the sense of an assiduous pair of ears (that took in their fair share of arty, tactile mid-90s electronica/IDM, no doubt) as you pour over the wintry, glitchy vibe of the opener “Semi Di Chia”– melancholic and glittering, melodic and shattered. The pixelated fresco lives up to the album’s name and excavates a funereal, poetic spirit. Where I really found myself hooked was in “E Il Fuoco Si Rifiuta”, where a cautious dubby rhythm collapses into an enveloping, surging wall of sound– power ambient indeed. Scavare is fine stuff, and to see such a young artist with such a strong grasp of a minimal aesthetic makes me incredibly curious about what other offerings are to come…check it out, pronto!

Conjoining Currents: IDM, Glitch, Electronica, Ambient, Noise

Label: [Self-Released]

(Quick Take) Moss Covered Technology- Speicherbank

Moss Covered Technology is a new moniker of English producer Greg Baird, perhaps better known as BMRN (BoomRuin). Speicherbank is Baird’s second full-length release for Eilean Records, located at the ninth point of the Eilean map. Right off the bat, in the space of the transition from the woozy tape-saturation ambience of “Midsleep” to the cautious first bars of “Story, Story”, you get the sense you’re in for something that will throw back to all your favorite hauntological downtempo electronica/instrumental hip hop albums, with lo-fi textures spiraling into a starry eyed spaciousness. You delve further and see that it took some inspiration from all that, but it ultimately takes the feel into far more abstract zones. For Speicherbank, Baird made use of field-recordings recorded in his home town of Devon, England; these songs are often a lot less beat-driven and more droney than anything, yet still finding that comfy feeling of nostalgia in decay in their crinkled, bleary layers. “Remembered” is a keeper like that, and the use of breathy samples against the dun drones of the gentle closer “Susa” seems to take the best of both worlds. Ultimately, Speicherbank is something more sensitive, more demanding of close re-listenings.

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Glitch, Downtempo, Drone, Feend

Label: Eilean

(Quick Take) Viewfound- Memorate

On his debut recording Memorate, Viewfound (musician and sound artist Milo Thesiger-Meacham) crafts oneiric loop-based ambient excursions, invoking forgotten presences and the flood of memory. What is really impressive is to think that a haunter like “Rooms”, with its skin of vinyl hiss and muffled echoing, was devised by someone so young– some of these pieces were recorded by Thesiger-Meacham when he was just 14. A deep-listening meditation with a cinematic feel somewhere between Ingmar Bergman and Leyland James Kirby– most definitely worth your time.

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Electro-Acoustic, Minimal, Noise, øjeRum

Label: Shimmering Moods

(Quick Take) Talc- Bicameral Mind

Talc is the duo of Shane McDonell (The Occupant and one-half of Memory Metal) and Bob Desaulniers (sound artist/musician and member of the band Lithics, who kind of sound like Ludus hooked up with The Magic Band). Their debut recording, the Bicameral Mind C15 tape, is all kinds of awesomely mind-manifesting tape sound collage assembled from who the hell knows what to arrive at something both rough-hewn and glowing, beautifully textural noise. In May, they played the first Foreign Accents show with my friends Rust Promoter and Young Hound. That was a special set for sure, and if you couldn’t make that, I hope that you will give this artifact a listen, at least. To be mentally filed next to Maurizio Bianchi, Knurl, The Tenses…and all that jazz…

Conjoining Currents: Noise, Sound collage, Minimal, Maurizio Bianchi, Sindre Bjerga, Alan Bloor, The Tenses

Label: Permanent Green Light