(New Album Review) Philippe Lamy & MonoLogue- Blu Deux

Blu Deux, off Phinery, a collaboration between painter and sound artist Philippe Lamy and sound artist MonoLogue (Marie Rose Sarri, aka Marie le Rose and Moon Ra) is torn and furrowed at its the edges, but there is something about the cumulative spaciousness of its collage-like, artifact-riddled assemblage that never jars you. But all the same, its timbral zig-zagging holds you in thrall– you would expect nothing less from a duo in which one-half (Marie) has a background in music therapy. Yet, with that in mind, you might be surprised who did what, here!

Lamy’s take on sound art is often based in field-recording and suffused with lo-fi rustles, clicks, and background chatter (take a moment when you can to check his 2012 EP entre deux, off taâlem). Sarri, on the other hand, goes the route of fragmented electronica and obscure highjinks on synths and unlikely objects. The two artists, tending towards the textural and aleatoric in their solo works not only ultimately found each other well-matched in their basic ideas, but meshed perfectly in their interplay. There is an oneiric comfort in all this seeming chaos.

The episodic feel of Lamy and MonoLogue’s soundscapes flows from an internal logic, just like the peculiar mish-mash-of-French-and-Italian of the pieces’ titles. Steady waves of hiss hang in the air like digital cicadas. A bed is laid for deep-listening ecosystems which range from near silence to the whipping clouds of noise on “Prime parole, dernière pensée” that bring to mind Bernard Parmegianni’s L’Enfer. Muffled eruptions rush underneath limpid crackles and alarms. Yet on tracks like “Les Yeux des Mezzanotte” and the opener, “Les merveilleuses aventures de il suono misterioso (Hours D’oeuvre)”, it is clearer to see how the glitches often find a fire and propel a broken rhythm for a time. They never limit themselves much, and perhaps that comes from MonoLogue’s daring sensibility. But the both of them have enough commonalities that their roles intersect with each other. It is a mostly-soft-focus, nocturnal noise that they have conspired to craft, the sort that invites you to peer deeper. Many have made the point of how noise music can actually be an effective aid for meditation and sleep. Look no further than here for that! A master-class in acousmatic hypnosis from two unsung sculptors.

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