(New Album Review) Bus Gas- Live On Leave Us

Another fantastic transmission from Los Angeles-based imprint Spring Break Tapes: Live On Leave Us, the latest from drone outfit Bus Gas (here, Thomas John Flaherty, Daniel Nickel, Eric Nyffeler) hooked me outright.   The piercing guitar tone that opens “Top Ten Funerals” sounds, and an achingly emotive march to oblivion has begun. It becomes a landslide, longing and rage gathering power in an engulfing cloud. The B side “Infinity Cymbals” follows much the same trajectory– of building from a cry to a purifying wall of sound before collapsing into ashen silence. For Live On Leave Us, the trio abandoned the improvisational approach of their past work in favor of carefully worked-out composition.  The layered loops and droning form a blown-out immensity that blots out the sky, overtakes you, leaves you with your head bent downward, a patient audience to eternity.


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