(New Album Review) Paskine- The Shapes of Collapses

Paskine is a sound artist, musician, video artist, and graphic designer based out of Marseilles. His second album (for the always excellent VoxxoV Records, as was the case with his debut NIMROD), The Shapes of Collapses takes electronic textures and deconstructs them into a wild and jagged storm; the vague rhythms and melodies he tore into abstract shapes are meant to bring to mind imagery of environmental catastrophe and its aftermath. Mammoth slabs of grainy noisebursts and hiss toss and turn endlessly like the ragings of an alien sea. When Paskine was working on this album, during a research residency at the gmem Center of Musical Creation in Marseilles, his idea was to put together something with a constantly evolving organization. Occasionally, though, on tracks like the hypnotic “Be Llachoa”, he dials the choking noise back enough that you pick up on elements that you might call IDM…ish. The calm drone of “From Milgram Ich”, too, adds a bit of respite. But really, “T a t Stepfather Beautiful” is just awe-inspiring.


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