(New Album Review) Sceptre Fretpen- Plugh

Last December, I received some pretty exciting news: Portland-based duo Sceptre Fretpen released their newest cassette Plugh on Sparkwood Records. The last I heard of them was in the way of a self-titled, self-released cassette in the vein of lo-fi IDM, a murky hauntology I found pretty unique. Plugh keeps the ball rolling on their vision with an immersive electronic dreamscape more luminous and clear than what’s come before. Loping, skittering beats, chiming background business on guitar, and oceanic synths dive and surface with each other in a cosmic dance. There’s a majestic, free-flowing feel to this one. Languorous, submerged intermissions like “Diamond Center” and “8th Floor” feel like the slow approach toward the gateway to another realm. Elsewhere, though, on more rhythmic tracks like “Insects” there’s a playful sensation of toying with simulacrum.

Definitely worthy of not only your time and a spot on your shelf, but of repeat listenings and your future attention.

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