(New Album Review) System Lords- Intergalactic Reject

System Lords is my show buddy Keith, one-half of the recently defunct Antecessor (Ian Gorman Weiland has since moved on to form Elrond with synth noise powerhouse EMS), and Intergalactic Reject is a forthcoming tape that he just recently made available on bandcamp. So what are we looking at here? If you expected something like the grimy kosmische of Antecessor’s last album, Olympus Mons, maybe, you know, you might raise your eyebrows at this one. In a good way. Intergalactic Reject is not a collection of songs per se, just an ample helping of brief sketches: a bit of glitchy techno-inspired electronica here, a noisy loop there, then, eventually, some quizzical, melancholy ambient window through the blinking viewing port. There is such a wide breadth to the ideas tackled in this array of tracks named for sci-fi imagery and simulacra that I find it hard not to be appreciative, not to mention curious about what next lies in store. Pretty awesome.

You can find a video Keith made for the title track here (check it out):




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