(New Album Review) The Gateless Gate- At Night

The Gateless Gate is my friend Allister Thompson’s impressively prolific vehicle for mystic kosmische/new age and isolation ambient. Sometimes his wife Terry Janveau-Thompson is along for the journey, but generally this is a solo sort of thing. At Night, his newest under this moniker, might be my favorite offering of his in a while–  this collection is a dark ambient descent into the psychical, with a feel diffusely cosmic and disquieting all at once. Obscure echoes and menacing pulses give a shadowy undercurrent to the luminous soundscape; it is mostly glacial ambient, but can bolt upright into doomy krautrock with a grim celerity (see: “Distant Trains”). The final stretch is padded out with the awestruck, Aphex Twin-esque “Nightwalk” and “Starglimmer”‘s resolved calm.

Fine work from an under-recognized staple of the netlabel circuit, well worth your time.

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