(New Album Review) Robert Farrugia- Slow Morning

Robert Farrugia’s Slow Morning, for Archives, starts up, and ebbing drifts from synth, guitar, and piano crawl across the face of a vast, still seascape. This is a music for looking back, and looking back alone, seemingly.

The Maltese musician has taken much of inspiration from post-rock as well neo-classical and ambient; that showed on earlier efforts like Half-Light and it shows here, as well. Some techno-feels creep into “Pulses”, and deep, syncopated rumbles lend a mood akin to submerged electronica to the opener, “Currents”, but for the most part it’s gauzy, layered ambient– cloudy and meandering, but not directionless. There is a weightiness to it, a sense of being caught between two extremes, and not entirely sure of which to let take the lead. Put on the centerpiece track “Coastal”, an epic downcast-gazer for grey skies and whipping, chilly winds and you’ll see where I’m going with this. The closing track, the similarly elliptical and melancholic “Haze” is a collaboration between Farrugia, his brother Matthew on cello, and Archives label head Warmth. Kudos have to go too to Brian Young for the album art photography, which hits the texture of the album on the head perfectly in a visual form.

Really nice stuff from an artist who’s found his stride in a totally unique style of ambient music that ultimately holds you transfixed.


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