(Quick Take) Pausal- Avifaunal

One of April’s finest ambient electronic releases was the latest from Pausal (Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton, a UK-based audio/visual duo): the epic, shimmering Avifaunal, off Moscow’s justly-celebrated Dronarivm. While Pausal have previously been known best for the ever-so-delicate, endlessly-planing pads of ambient drone releases like LapsesAvifaunal is heavier and headier, often approaching the uneasy grandeur of dark ambient outfits like Troum, Zoviet France, and Yen Pox. The impetus for the release was an invitation to perform at a benefit for Macmillan Cancer Support held in Pembrokeshire, Wales by Touched Music in 2015; from there, this very-much exploratory album that plays with stronger volumes and a more dynamic overall feel than Pausal’s earlier collections was able to bloom. The three tenebrous, shifting “Murmuration” tracks from the opening make a fine centerpiece to this album of dramatic, airborne electronic soundscapes. Check, too, “Spiral”‘s austere, psychedelic sense of mystery. A solid release from a consistently engaging drone/ambient project; give it a quiet evening of your time and take to the skies.

Conjoining Currents: Dark ambient, Drone, Kosmische

Label: Dronarivm

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