(Quick Take) nordBeck – Blenterop 1491

nordBeck is sound artist and musician Martin Nordbeck; his latest tape, a collection of processed field-recordings, Blenterop 1491, is not just an intriguing release in and of itself, but an excellent first issue for Purlieu Recordings, a new imprint from Swedish musician Linus Schrab (one-half of Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet, an ambient project with Johan Fotmeijer that has great new material out on Low Point, Forwind, and Funeral Fog). Blenterop 1491 is accompanied by the digital self-release Blentarp 2017, both recorded in the Swedish countryside of Blentarp in April.

Martin Nordbeck divides his time between electronica and abstracted experimental-type sounds, and nordBeck is intended as the outlet for the latter. These Blentarp recordings are cold and reticent: a set of numbered tracks, nearly all of them suffused by an ominous atmosphere of heavily-treated aural crashing-around-in-the-dark– an unrelenting haze. For nordBeck, assembling the finished works meant to break sounds apart, twist them around, and put them back together into something he could use to comment on his memory and experience of different places. In this obscured, unsettled space, nordBeck’s vision, so obviously painstakingly-edited to create something tactile and layered, starts to appear as beautifully alien as Alan Lamb’s Night Passage.

Conjoining Currents: Sound Art, Field-Recording

Label: Purlieu Recordings


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