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(New Album Premiere) Elrond- All Of Them But Us

Elrond are PDX underground veterans Vern Avola (EMS) and Ian Gorman Weiland (one-half of Antecessor) and All Of Them But Us is this volatile, hypnotic electronic music project’s debut full-length, courtesy of David Fylstra’s ANIMA Recordings. The release marks an important chapter in ANIMA’s eclectic development– a leftfield electronic ripper amid more rock-oriented projects and bands.

Often improvising unique live sets and pushing their analog synthesizers to the brink with a style that mixes elements of noise with Berlin school and techno, Elrond are a fair league away from anything resembling nostalgic revivalism. The tracks that comprise All Of Them But Us show that fusion of extremes in their whole gamut to jaw-dropping effect, from the pounding, acidic pulse of “Hard Start” to the evolving soundscape of “Ghost Ship”, named to eulogize the tragic Oakland house fire that claimed dozens of lives. A powerhouse like the opener “Pariah’s Guild” (as good a name as any for what an experimental music community truly is) is one part grit, two parts suspended animation. It’s a refreshing reminder of what electronic music can be, and makes me proud to call Portland a second home. Let them be your guides through this murky and perilous night.


For my Portland readers, you can get your hands on a copy of the All Of Them But Us tapetonight at 8 at The Know for the release party/show, which will feature Elrond, The Body, Magisterial, and System Dwarves (collaboration between System Lords and Subdwarf). Come on out!