(Quick Take) James Murray- Killing Ghosts

James Murray remains one of the most consistently eclectic presences in the international netlabel circuit; if you have not checked out 2015’s grainy drone epic The Sea in the Sky, get on that! His most recent, Killing Ghosts, off Home Normal, continues the thread of downcast downtempo electronica from last December’s Eyes to the Height, but with a chilly bent that rather suits the slowly evolving nature of the monochrome, breathy pads. There are many fine moments to ruminate over here: the vaporous techno daydream of “First Hand”, the enveloping dread of “Living Ghosts”…Murray again proves himself a sound art auteur of rare imagination. I could go on, but I would rather just leave you to get lost in these desolate expanses…

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Experimental Electronica, Sound Art

Label: Home Normal

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